Tri-Alogue #2    (3:04)   2017   16mm


Co-authored by Caryn Cline, Linda Fenstermaker and Reed O’Beirne on the same Bolex 16mm camera masked to subdivide the frame of the film roll into thirds.

Live Score by Tom Foe, recorded at: Experiments in Cinema v12.3, 22 April 2017. Sound-mix by Sam Gray.

Telecine Colorist: Jeff Tillotson at Lightpress

Made in part with support from Interbay Cinema Society

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Select Screenings:
San Diego Underground Film Festival | San Diego CA USA| 23-Aug-18
Bogotá Experimental Film Festival | Bogota Columbia | 16-May-18
Cinema Museum – Exploding Cinema | London UK | 24-Feb-18
London Experimental Film Festival | London UK | 03-Dec-17
Contemporary Art Ruhr | Essen Germany | 27-Oct-17
AntiMatter | Victoria Canada | 14-Oct-17
Southern Colorado Film Festival | Alamosa CO USA| 12-Oct-17
Oaxaca FilmFest | Oaxaca Mexico | 12-Oct-17
Experiments in Cinema | Albuquerque NM USA| 22-Apr-17